Baby Tooth Brush


1 Sheet 12 pieces
1 Sheet MRP : ₹240
1 Sheet Wholesale price : ₹99
Minimum order quantity : 100



The Baby Toothbrush is a gentle and specially designed oral care tool crafted to suit the delicate gums and emerging teeth of infants and toddlers. With soft bristles made of extra-fine materials, this toothbrush ensures a tender yet effective cleaning experience, helping to maintain your baby’s oral hygiene. Its small brush head and ergonomic handle make it easy for parents to maneuver and assist their little ones in establishing healthy brushing habits. The baby-friendly design and vibrant colors often appeal to young children, making the brushing routine a fun and enjoyable experience. The Baby Toothbrush is a trusted choice for nurturing good dental care habits from the earliest stages of your child’s development.


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